So, I made this blend today. It's a long time since I posted something on my blog. But today I felt creative, so I decided to do some blending. It didn't turn out to be stunning or whatever, it's just a blend. But well, it's something, right?
So...how are you guys doing? I must say, I miss the days that blogging was my absolute numer one favorite thing to do! Making outfit pictures, surf on the internet all day to find great new blogs, commenting on other blogs, and so on. Maybe I should get back to this blogging-daily thing. What do you think? If you would like me to visit your blog, please leave a comment. I'm curious to see what I missed for the past year.
Merry Chrismas!


dedication to my ex

The title of this post is ridiculous, I know, but I just love the song that I stole the sentence from. It's so catchy! Anyways, just wanted to show you a blend that I made today, blending is one of my favorite things to do when there is some free time to spend. Well, here is my dedication to Megan Fox :)



Still alive, yes. Just not active on this blog anymore. I still think it's a surreal feeling that the amount of followers is 119! I remember that I worked so hard to achieve that. I really wanted to thank you for that. You make/made my time on the blog very enjoyable.
So... Something completely different:  I am still thinking about getting a tattoo. One year left until I am eighteen; old enough to decide what I want to do with my body. What do you think? I love the one on the picture, the shape is perfect...



I know I haven't been blogging for...like a while. But I saw this photos of my favorite place in the whole wide world. NEW YORK CITY and I just had to do a quick post about NYC.
One day, I will be living in this city. That's just one thing I can assure you.



Edith & Ella

As I went to the Edith & Ella show yesterday during Amsterdam Fashionweek, I suddenly got the urge to blog again. This was my first show and I got to say that I totally loved it. The atmosphere, the people and of course the show itself. First I didn't know anything about this brand, but when I did some searching I found out that Edith & Ella is a Danish brand founded by one girl who named the brand after her grandma's. Isn't that funny?!


PS. The collection was stunning, the pieces were super wearable and really gave me summer feelings!